The last piece in a series of 3 works based on a sunset, oil on canvas, 170cm x 120cm


I decided to create another image based on my Ipad painting, but this time on a much larger canvas, I wanted to use simplistic strokes and vibrant colours to give the piece a calming and uplifting feeling.

The original Ipad drawing

It is interesting because the size of the canvas made respond in a different way to the image, it gave me more freedom with my strokes and the colours I used as opposed to the way in which I painted on the smaller canvas were the paint was applied thickly.


Seeing the 3 pieces gives me faith in my working process. After doing a quick ipad drawing, which allows me to gain a good impression of the colour and feeling of what I am studying I can then revisit these works later and as can be seen here the outcome can be very different. This is a good opportunity to think about the materiality of the paint and the way I paint, I.e how fast I paint. This is what really interests me as a possible outcome of my work, as it feels as though I am constantly experimenting.

Martin In Oils again


I’m happy with the colours I have used for this the paint holds a lot more energy in person than you can see on the photograph. I took my time with this piece but rather than doing an under painting in ink I applied the paint straight to canvas then edged away at the figure with more paint to make it more accurate. I think I could have left in another day to let the paint dry in this as I think some of the colours on the figure are murkier than I would like.

Making Progress


I’m happy with how’s this is coming along after adding some more colour, I decided to start applying more paint to give it more of an energetic and gestural feeling. Slowing down my working time over a few days per painting helps as the dry paint is much easier to paint on to achieve the desired effect as opposed to painting wet on wet.

Experimenting with ideas for my next painting


Playing with colours and strokes over a picture I have taken of the beginnings of my next painting. I’m looking forward to painting with more of a plan for where I’m going to go next rather than working quickly, as I usually do painting quickly and instinctively instead of taking a long time to paint each stroke.

Sunset In Cardiff


Based off an earlier painting I had made on the ipad, I wanted the colours to be vivid and pure whereas I wanted the strokes to be broad and expressive, this painting has been a turning point as I’m using much larger brushes now in my work and I think doing this will solve a lot of the problems I’ve been facing with my paintings. The image below is the painting I had made originally on my Ipad.