Practicing a new photoshop technique


For this image i took a photo and tried to liven up the image by making the forms flow around the image better. Whilst making this image i was looking into the art work of Shaddy and i had watched some of his tutorials on youtube.


Portrait Of Mez

I wanted to the colours and lines of the drawing to interact with one another, to give the piece energy and an expressive quality. Drawing the figure from life at first then moving on to adding the bright colours is a move in a different direction for me. Rather than interpreting the colours I see I am creating the colours, which when making the piece feels much more free and unknown to me.


Nice pair


A small painting I finished about a month ago, I had been looking at a lot work by Ivon Hitchens and William Coldstream at the time, I tried to create the feeling of volume through use of the brush strokes, I find this way of working interesting because it is almost a way of sculpting the subject using two dimensional medium. I think the colour of the pears against the dark background work well, they were on a piece of canvas material which was the hardest thing to paint.